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Smoker I Grill I Coffin
In a single product!

Grill Box offers you a line of premium quality grills and accessories to equip your patio. Create your functional and exclusive space in those moments when you want to take the party at home outdoors.

Every event, every meeting, every moment around your Grill Box becomes a memorable memory. The outdoor kitchen and grill come together to define your unique lifestyle.

- Details that make the difference -
Side Vents

To regulate the exit of air and smoke from the grill.

Front Vents

It has 3 vents located in different parts:

1. To regulate the temperature of the coffin.

2. To regulate the air flow to the charcoal drawer.

3. To regulate the air flow to the smoker drawer.

Hex Grills

They retain more heat for better cooking and marking of food.

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